Let's Get Immunized NY strives to provide all New Yorkers reliable and trustworthy information on immunization and encourage New Yorkers to get recommended vaccines. Additionally, we advocate for policies that protect and improve access to immunization, increase awareness of the public health benefits of vaccination, and address health disparities with vaccine access, especially in medically underserved areas and communities with low immunization rates. It is absolutely essential that we protect ourselves, our families, and our communities through safe and effective immunization.

What You Need To Know

Immunizations have eradicated major and life threatening diseases such as smallpox and polio in the United States and controlled other serious infections including diptheria, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, and others.

Vaccines are one of the greatest contributions to public health in the modern era and they are most effective if everyone receives them. This is known as herd immunity.

CDC data shows that vaccines are the reason why we see drastic decreases in vaccine-preventable diseases when compared with the pre-vaccine era.

By getting immunized, we can protect ourselves, our families and our communities from serious, preventable illness. To learn more, visit the New York State Department of Health’s immunization website.

The diseases vaccines prevent are serious and even healthy individuals should get vaccinated

It is very important for children and adults to remain up-to-date on recommended vaccines to maintain immunity

Together we can end racial and health disparities in immunization access

Getting vaccinated is a selfless act of prevention and can help build a community of immunity to protect those who may not be able to get vaccinated themselves.

How to Find Vaccines Near You

Now is the time to make sure you are up to date on your vaccines. Please click below to find out where and how to get your preventive vaccines.

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The Campaign

Let's Get Immunized NY does not endorse or promote any specific vaccinations/related products. The Campaign aims to serve as a resource on vaccine information generally.

Let's Get Immunized NY is made possible by the New York State Academy of Family Physicians Foundation with strong direct and in-kind support from its many partners including donations from Pfizer, AAFP Foundation, Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium, New York State Association of Healthcare Providers, New York State Society of Anesthesiologists, Community Pharmacy Association of New York State, Noble Gas Solutions and Iroquois Health Care Association.