Let’s Get Immunized NY strives to provide reliable and trustworthy information on immunization and encourage New Yorkers to get recommended vaccines. Additionally, we advocate for policies that protect and improve access to immunization, increase awareness of the public health benefits of vaccination, and address health disparities with vaccine access, especially in medically underserved areas and communities with low immunization rates.


Vaccines are one of the greatest contributions to public health in the modern era, preventing serious, sometimes deadly diseases, saving countless lives, and even eradicating life-threatening illnesses like smallpox. Despite the tremendous impact that vaccines have had on public health, disinformation about vaccines persists and in some communities there are still challenges with accessing vaccines. Let’s Get Immunized NY stands firm against regressive measures that would reverse the strong vaccination policies currently in place in New York State. We are committed to advancing evidence- based policies that adequately invest in and support vaccine utilization.


Protect all New Yorkers from preventable illnesses and supporting efforts that encourage New Yorkers of all ages to receive recommended vaccines.

Support proper investment in New York State’s immunization infrastructure including state and local immunization programs, vaccine outreach and education efforts, and vaccine information systems.

Eliminate barriers that prevent vaccine access including language, geographic, socio-economic, and racial disparities.

Increase access to immunization among at-risk populations including people living with chronic illness, those living below the poverty level, communities of color, individuals with limited English proficiency, seniors, and maternal populations.


Support improvements to vaccine recordkeeping and public health surveillance by enacting legislation to require reporting of all vaccinations given to individuals ages 19 years of age or older to the State or City registry, moving from an “opt-in” to an opt-out of such reporting in New York (S75a, Hoylman/A279a, Gottfried).

Support improvements to vaccine access and investment in public health infrastructure including restoration of NYC’s reimbursement for public health to 36% above the base grant under Article 6 which includes funding for vaccination work by local health departments ($60 million annually).

Support for additional state resources dedicated to a sustained public relations campaign around general vaccine promotion and education focused on the importance of vaccination for all New Yorkers and combatting disinformation efforts.

Oppose measures to weaken New York’s strong vaccination policies that ensure the protection and safety of our communities.


Investment in strong immunization infrastructure that bolsters access is an investment is New York’s overall public health.

Receiving recommended vaccinations supports the public good. Doing so is both a personal and social responsibility that keeps our children, families, and communities safe from serious diseases, especially those who cannot be vaccinated.

Let’s Get Immunized NY seeks to preserve the strong immunization policies and programs in New York State and supports measures supported by data and science, which further strengthen vaccine access and utilization.

The best way to protect ourselves and those in our communities The best way to protect ourselves and those in our communities from severe health impacts caused by illnesses like influenza, COVID-19, measles, and others is to get vaccinated.

Communities that lack access to vaccines suffer more severe health outcomes from vaccine preventable illnesses. We strive for equitable access to vaccines because everyone deserves the ability to take proactive measures to protect their health.

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The Campaign

Let's Get Immunized NY does not endorse or promote any specific vaccinations/related products. The Campaign aims to serve as a resource on vaccine information generally.

Let's Get Immunized NY is made possible by the New York State Academy of Family Physicians Foundation with strong direct and in-kind support from its many partners including donations from Pfizer, AAFP Foundation, Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium, New York State Association of Healthcare Providers, New York State Society of Anesthesiologists, Community Pharmacy Association of New York State, Noble Gas Solutions and Iroquois Health Care Association.